Oh Allah Make Me One Of Those Who Follow Your Path Oh Allah Make Me One Of Those Who Guide Others To Follow Your Path.

We at Rahbar Medical and Dental College (RMDC) believe in teaching with preaching because it’s the only universal methodology that can turn the dreams into reality.Teaching is a noble profession! a profession that Allah has chosen for his Prophets. Above all teaching medicine means imparting knowledge about human, the most gifted creation of Allah. A creation that always recalls the magnification of the creator. Considering the delicacy and enormous responsibility, we will be following the guidelines clearly demarcated in the “Holy Quran” showing us the path towards success.We will move with the objective of polishing great minds, igniting their creativity ,turning them into kind hearted & visionary.We at RMDC will engender “Healers” equipped for handling all types of generalized, specialized, routine and emergency situations. Healing the ailing humanity with resilience and  immense sense of responsibility will be taught through teaching medicine & professional ethics.

Soon you would realize that you are in the Institution which is gradually obtaining high academic standards and will become leading Institution in the field of medicine Insha Allah. It also encourages extra curricular activities to learn value of life.

I am sure your acumen, hard work and gentle behavior would bring further laurels to the Institution and provide you a platform for becoming a far Proficient Doctor and serve the people admirably.

I congratulate you for selecting RMDC in persuit of higher learning in medical field.

May Allah be with you, always.


Major General Azhar Naveed Hayat Khan

Hilal Imtiaz (Military)